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RMT & Founder



just treat me like a human please. 

Tiana opened Vancity Massage Therapy in 2014 as a private practice and collaborated with Shazreen Khan in 2019 to expand VMT into a real life clinic space. She works full time as a RMT.

Tiana graduated from the extended 3000 hour program at West Coast College of Massage Therapy, an institution that offers one of the highest educational standards in the country. She is currently studying advanced anatomy through the Bachelor of Health Science degree program at Thompson River University. Through continuing education opportunities, Tiana has complete over 70 hours within an anatomy lab examining cadavers. This experience has given her advanced knowledge of the interconnected structures within the body, allowing her to create treatments targeted at eliminating the problem rather than temporarily covering up the pain. Tiana has worked extensively with a variety of conditions, most notably; desk worker’s syndrome, deep tissue athletics, headaches and migraines, pregnancy, pseudo-sciatica (piriformis syndrome), thoracic outlet syndrome, and chronic lower back pain. As health is a continually evolving state, her style involves deep tissue massage and assigning home care exercise to her clients to prolong the beneficial results of each treatment.

In her spare time Tiana enjoys playing video games, shark diving, volunteering at VOKRA, and creative writing. 


Tiana is not currently treating 

patients and is focused on 

growth of the VMT community!