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 Online    Booking

We Are Digital! 

The facts:


We use Jane secure booking system which features encrypted software to protect your privacy. Although let's be honest, Google knows more about each of us than we know about ourselves! Yay for a future AI apocalypse after we finish up this viral one!


All online or telephone bookings require a valid credit card to be maintained on the patient's file within our encrypted software.


A COVID-19 Pre-Screen will be emailed to you the day before treatment, please complete it to ensure we maintain a low exposure risk for our staff and other patients.

You cannot cancel your appointment online within 24 hours of your appointment time, you will need to call or email. The full cost of the treatment may be billed to your credit card as stated in our 24 hour cancellation policy for all other cancellations.

No show appointments, even if due to suspected exposure or symptoms of COVID-19, will be subject to the full cancellation charge and will not be exempt. 

     We offer online booking for our acupuncture and massage therapy appointments to give you the convenience (and ultimate power) to control your destiny. Basically, it's a real life choose your own adventure - but don't forget what Spiderman taught us, with great power comes great responsibility!


     We have a 24 hour strict cancellation policy that requires full payment for late cancellations or no shows. Make sure you add the appointment to your calendar and opt into our text and email notifications so we don't miss out on meeting you! 



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