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Registered Massage Therapist


They/ She/ He

Nicolas likes to view the body as an interconnected system through its fascial structure, focusing treatments on unwinding tensional patterns and bringing ease and flow to breathing and movement. With an emphasis on bringing mindful awareness to tensional forces, and working with the body to release its compensations, they are able to provide a catered therapeutic massage that encourages motor control and neurological integrity. No stranger to pain and dysfunction themself, Nicolas comes from a high-performance hockey goaltending background, giving them personal insight into a variety of acute physical injuries from strains and sprains to concussions and whiplash. They also have a professional history through acting and film, and is well versed in the chronic and acute issues that come from those long and demanding workdays. As a graduate of VaCC’s Registered Massage Therapy program coupled with over a decade of relaxation massage experience, They have worked with clients from a wide variety of stages of life, health, and backgrounds and is able to provide lasting and effective treatments to any walk of life. Nicolas is also certified to provide Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization which is helpful in breaking down scar tissue and fascial restrictions, as well as encouraging fiber alignment in ligaments and tendons which can help return their strength and function.


Nicolas accepts bookings on:

Monday                            8 AM - 2:PM

Tuesday                           2:15 PM -  8:30 PM

Thursday                          2:15 PM -  8:30 PM

Friday                                8 AM - 2:PM

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