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Owner and RMT

Shazreen graduated from the 3000 hour Massage Therapy program at WCCMT. She has spent the majority of her practice consistently expanding her knowledge which brought her into the field of neurokinetic therapy. This ability enables Shazreen to assess overall motor control and functionality to create a treatment designed to target the core of an issue. Shazreen has worked with a very diverse range of people throughout her career and enjoys the puzzle each individual presents with. Outside of the clinic Shazreen spends a great deal of her time outdoors hiking with her rescue pitbull, Ava. She also enjoys an array of hobbies from archery to mechanics! This gives her the unique ability to understand the kinetic movements required in various activities and create home care routines to stabilize at risk or weak areas.



Vancity Massage Therapy is offering services as a registered health profession corporation. 

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