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Nicolas Taggart

Relaxation Massage Specialist

*Please note that Relaxation Massage is not covered through extended medical benefits*

Nicolas has spent collectively over 2 years intensively studying anatomy, physiology, muscles, and movement giving him a deeper understanding of how the body reacts to tension, pain, and stress. He likes to view the body as an interconnected system through its fascial structure, focusing treatments on unwinding tensional patterns and bringing ease and flow to client’s breathing and movement. Focusing on bringing mindful awareness to tensional forces, and working with the body to release its compensations, he is able to provide a catered relaxation style massage that can rejuvenate the body and mind. To complement his more scientific education, Nicolas is also a certified Reiki Practitioner (Level 2), bringing a calm centre to his treatments. No stranger to pain and dysfunction himself, Nicolas comes from a high-performance hockey goaltending background, giving him personal insight into a variety of strains, sprains, contusions, and injuries. He also has a professional history through acting and film, and is well versed in the chronic and acute issues that come from those long and demanding work days. Through his training and roughly 10 years of massage experience, he has worked with clients from a wide variety of stages of life, health, and backgrounds and is able to provide safe and beneficial treatments to any walk of life.





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