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Registered Massage Therapist



Martin 'Marta'  Williams has been a registered massage therapist since 2003 and was an educator for the past 3 years. She has decided to return to practice full time and is happy to be working with patients and helping them heal their physical discomfort. She has been a clinic instructor and has taught a variety of courses including anatomy, advanced techniques, hydrotherapy, clinical sciences, introduction to massage. She also developed curriculum for the fledgling Utopia College program. Martin 'Marta' is dedicated to her patients' well being and expertly uses advanced techniques in treatment and the maintenance of health. 

In her spare time, Martin 'Marta' is an artist producing life-size figurative oils on canvas and charcoals on NPH paper. She focuses on the figure and her study of artistic anatomy inspired her to pursue a career in medical massage therapy. Her creative work has been recognized by the Heffel gallery and auction house.

Martin 'Marta' accepts bookings on:

Tuesday & Thursday             2 PM - 8 PM

Saturday                                9 AM - 7 PM



Vancity Massage Therapy is offering services as a registered health profession corporation. 

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