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Why Themed Rooms?

Vancity Massage Therapy is a professional medical massage therapy clinic with an added twist, we decorated our space to celebrate all of our individual  personalities. As adults age we seem to forget the magic in curiosity and the joy of exploring our surroundings. At Vancity Massage Therapy we believe that people benefit from allowing themselves these simple but fulfilling indulgences. Our clinic rooms are themed as Forest, Harry Potter, Darwin's Lab, Ocean, and Video Games. Our lobby has a cozy waiting area that allows a comfortable and welcoming space to relax. We have an assortment of scientific magazines, graphic novels, and movie/video game art books for you to read. If you've just been working all day and don't want to see another word - we also have a TV that is set up to play Netflix or Nintendo. 

Curious? Come check us out. We've got your back!

Meet your new favorite room


& now meet the team!